CSS classes reference

Stylable classes

keyword keyword in a regular Algol-style language
built_in built-in or library object (constant, class, function)
type user-defined type in a language with first-class syntactically significant types, like Haskell
literal special identifier for a built-in value (“true”, “false”, “null”)
number number, including units and modifiers, if any.
regexp literal regular expression
string literal string, character
subst parsed section inside a literal string
symbol symbolic constant, interned string, goto label
class class or class-level declaration (interfaces, traits, modules, etc)
function function or method declaration
title name of a class or a function at the place of declaration
params block of function arguments (parameters) at the place of declaration
comment comment
doctag documentation markup within comments
meta flags, modifiers, annotations, processing instructions, preprocessor directive, etc
meta-keyword keyword or built-in within meta construct
meta-string string within meta construct
Tags, attributes, configs
section heading of a section in a config file, heading in text markup
tag XML/HTML tag
name name of an XML tag, the first word in an s-expression
builtin-name s-expression name from the language standard library
attr name of an attribute with no language defined semantics (keys in JSON, setting names in .ini), also sub-attribute within another highlighted object, like XML tag
attribute name of an attribute followed by a structured value part, like CSS properties
variable variable in a config or a template file, environment var expansion in a script
bullet list item bullet in text markup
code code block in text markup
emphasis emphasis in text markup
strong strong emphasis in text markup
formula mathematical formula in text markup
link hyperlink in text markup
quote quotation in text markup
selector-tag tag selector in CSS
selector-id #id selector in CSS
selector-class .class selector in CSS
selector-attr [attr] selector in CSS
selector-pseudo :pseudo selector in CSS
template-tag tag of a template language
template-variable variable in a template language
addition added or changed line in a diff
deletion deleted line in a diff

Language names and aliases

1C 1c
ABNF abnf
Access logs accesslog
Ada ada
ARM assembler armasm, arm
AVR assembler avrasm
ActionScript actionscript, as
Apache apache, apacheconf
AppleScript applescript, osascript
AsciiDoc asciidoc, adoc
AspectJ aspectj
AutoHotkey autohotkey
AutoIt autoit
Awk awk, mawk, nawk, gawk
Axapta axapta
Bash bash, sh, zsh
Basic basic
BNF bnf
Brainfuck brainfuck, bf
C# cs, csharp
C++ cpp, c, cc, h, c++, h++, hpp
C/AL cal
Cache Object Script cos, cls
CMake cmake, cmake.in
Coq coq
CSP csp
CSS css
Cap’n Proto capnproto, capnp
Clojure clojure, clj
CoffeeScript coffeescript, coffee, cson, iced
Crmsh crmsh, crm, pcmk
Crystal crystal, cr
D d
DNS Zone file dns, zone, bind
DOS dos, bat, cmd
Dart dart
Delphi delphi, dpr, dfm, pas, pascal, freepascal, lazarus, lpr, lfm
Diff diff, patch
Django django, jinja
Dockerfile dockerfile, docker
dsconfig dsconfig
DTS (Device Tree) dts
Dust dust, dst
EBNF ebnf
Elixir elixir
Elm elm
Erlang erlang, erl
Excel excel, xls, xlsx
F# fsharp, fs
FIX fix
Fortran fortran, f90, f95
G-Code gcode, nc
Gams gams, gms
GAUSS gauss, gss
Gherkin gherkin
Go go, golang
Golo golo, gololang
Gradle gradle
Groovy groovy
HTML, XML xml, html, xhtml, rss, atom, xjb, xsd, xsl, plist
HTTP http, https
Haml haml
Handlebars handlebars, hbs, html.hbs, html.handlebars
Haskell haskell, hs
Haxe haxe, hx
Hy hy, hylang
Ini ini
Inform7 inform7, i7
IRPF90 irpf90
JSON json
Java java, jsp
JavaScript javascript, js, jsx
Leaf leaf
Lasso lasso, ls, lassoscript
Less less
LDIF ldif
Lisp lisp
LiveCode Server livecodeserver
LiveScript livescript, ls
Lua lua
Makefile makefile, mk, mak
Markdown markdown, md, mkdown, mkd
Mathematica mathematica, mma
Matlab matlab
Maxima maxima
Maya Embedded Language mel
Mercury mercury
Mizar mizar
Mojolicious mojolicious
Monkey monkey
Moonscript moonscript, moon
N1QL n1ql
NSIS nsis
Nginx nginx, nginxconf
Nimrod nimrod, nim
Nix nix
OCaml ocaml, ml
Objective C objectivec, mm, objc, obj-c
OpenGL Shading Language glsl
OpenSCAD openscad, scad
Oracle Rules Language ruleslanguage
Oxygene oxygene
PF pf, pf.conf
PHP php, php3, php4, php5, php6
Parser3 parser3
Perl perl, pl, pm
Pony pony
PowerShell powershell, ps
Processing processing
Prolog prolog
Protocol Buffers protobuf
Puppet puppet, pp
Python python, py, gyp
Python profiler results profile
Q k, kdb
QML qml
R r
RenderMan RIB rib
RenderMan RSL rsl
Roboconf graph, instances
Ruby ruby, rb, gemspec, podspec, thor, irb
Rust rust, rs
SCSS scss
SQL sql
STEP Part 21 p21, step, stp
Scala scala
Scheme scheme
Scilab scilab, sci
Shell shell, console
Smali smali
Smalltalk smalltalk, st
Stan stan
Stata stata
Stylus stylus, styl
SubUnit subunit
Swift swift
Test Anything Protocol tap
Tcl tcl, tk
TeX tex
Thrift thrift
TP tp
Twig twig, craftcms
TypeScript typescript, ts
VB.Net vbnet, vb
VBScript vbscript, vbs
VHDL vhdl
Vala vala
Verilog verilog, v
Vim Script vim
x86 Assembly x86asm
XL xl, tao
XQuery xpath, xq
Zephir zephir, zep