On requesting new languages

This is a general answer to requests for adding new languages that appear from time to time in the Highlight.js issue tracker and discussion group.

Highlight.js does not have a fundamental plan for implementing new languages - i.e., the core team doesn’t usually develop new languages. The core team instead focuses on parser development, bugs, and supporting the existing languages. They also currently does not have time to review, merge and maintain any additional languages (fixing bugs, dealing with issues, etc).

Instead, the project works by encouraging 3rd party language grammars from contributors willing to help develop and maintain them. We’re also happy to host those 3rd party language grammars at the highlightjs GitHub organization - no matter how obscure or weird. Or you’re welcome to host it yourself - we’re still happy to link to it.

This means that there’s no point in requesting a new language without also providing a 3rd party implementation (we’ll simply close “Please support language Xyz” issues with a link to this explanation). If you’d like to see a particular language available but cannot implement it, the best way to make it happen is to find another developer interested in doing so.

For more info on actually developing a language see our Language Definition Guide, and for information on how to properly package your 3rd party language module see Language contributor checklist.